We are sorry to report that until further notice, we will no longer be offering our maintenance and repair classes. Please feel free to contact us with any repair questions, and we will hopefully see you in class soon!!
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Bicycle Maintenance and Repair Classes

Sign up to spend a few evening hours with us and you too can graduate with a degree from the Park Tool School of Bicycle Maintenance and Repair!
These classes are hands-on, so you can test out your new found knowledge on your own bicycle! The suggested text book for the class is the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair 2nd edition, (available for purchase at the shop), this book acts as the outline for the class and can be a reference in class in case you forget a thing or two down the road.

Beginner Class

Our beginner class is split into 2 two hour sessions over 2 weeks. The course covers mechanical basics and provides an introduction to what any cyclist should know before heading out on the road or trail. Things like:

  • Work space setup
  • How to fix/change a flat tire
  • Tools and supplies what you need at home and what you should be carrying with you
  • Basic knowledge of brakes, operation and checking brake pad wear
  • Cables, lubing and adjusting
  • Cleaning and lubing the Chain
  • Checking the chain for wear and knowing when it's time to replace the chain.
  • Simple derailleur adjustments

Cost: $85.00 Class Limit: 4 Questions? info@thebicyclerepairshop.com

After that we'll get more in depth following the outline of whats covered in the Park Big Blue Book of Repair and any questions the class may have

Intermediate Class

The intermediate class is split into 4 two hour sessions over four weeks. and covers

  • Hands on wheel truing and tensioning
  • Bearing service and adjustment (headset, bottom bracket, and hubs)
  • Specific brake adjustments on multiple braking systems (rims brake and disc brakes)
  • In-depth Derailleur set-up and adjustments (cable, indexing, limits and shifters)
  • Internal gear hubs
  • Stem, bar and seatpost adjustments
  • Cassettes, Cranks, Pedals, (installation, replacement, and repair)
  • Road/Trail side repairs

We attempt to dispense as much information as possible in the approximately 8 hours of class time while at the same time catering to the interests of the students in the class. Generally speaking the more students participate the more they get out of the class.

Cost:180.00. Class Limit: 4 Questions? info@thebicyclerepairshop.com


Classes are taught on a one on one basis. You get access to the whole shop, including tools, work stand and Andy. You only need to bring your bike. Classes cover any mechanical topic you are interested in, popular requests are:
  • Fixing Flats
  • Suspension Overhauls
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake Service
  • New Bike Owner's Clinic

Whatever you want you choose! You are welcome to bring one friend and split the cost if you want.

Cost: $65 Per Hour Class Limit: 2 Questions? info@thebicyclerepairshop.com


Students build wheel from spokes, rim, and hub to complete a functional wheel in one class (Approx 2.5 hours). When all new parts are used (rim and spokes) the Bicycle Repair Shop Handbuilt wheel warranty applies. Email us to schedule a class

Cost: $85 plus parts. Class Limit: 2 Questions? info@thebicyclerepairshop.com


Beginner classes will be on Tuesdays and repeat every two weeks.

Intermediate classes with be on Thursdays and repeat even four weeks.

For more info or schedule a special class email us info@thebicyclerepairshop.com


One hour individual class $65.00
Two hour individual class $120.00
Beginner Class $85.00
Intermediate Class $180.00
Student manual $24.95


Participant must pay for the class and student manual prior to the class
Cancellations are acceptable, but not refundable unless the space in that class is filled by another participant
Participants should bring their own bike and student manual to each class and wear clothing that can get dirty
Participants must be at least 16 years of age to participate

Open 5 days a week

Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm

Sat & Sun: Closed until Spring

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Telephone: (206) 682-7057