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Our Service Department

Repair Staff

Andy, Jake, and Brad have years of bicycle repair experience. They have worked in shops all over the country and throughout the greater Seattle area during their time in the bicycle industry, developing the keen ability to diagnose and repair almost any issue a bike could have along the way.

Same Day Repair

We aim for same day repairs in most cases.

Bicycle Repair Shop Philosophy

Here at The Bicycle Repair Shop our philosophy is that we can make your old bike just as good as - if not better than - new. Some shops will often take one look at a major repair and encourage you to simply buy a new bike instead of fixing your current bike. We believe in most cases the money you spend on a well planned repair will make your bike better than almost any bike you could buy for the same amount.

If your bike needs repair, or if you think your bike may be beyond repair, come on down to see us. You might be surprised at just how awesome your bike actually is and how little it could cost to restore it to its full glory!

Silver Tune


My bike has some issues…

Stacks Image 25633  Front Brake Adjustment
Stacks Image 25636 Rear Brake Adjustment
Stacks Image 25637Front Derailleur Adjustment
Stacks Image 25644 Rear Derailleur Adjustment
Stacks Image 25647 Lube Chain
Stacks Image 25650 Proper Tire Inflation
Stacks Image 25659Wheel True & Tension
Stacks Image 25664Hub & Headset Adjustment
Stacks Image 25667New Cables & Housing
Stacks Image 25670Remove and Clean Drive train

Gold Tune


My bike needs a little more work…

Stacks Image 26773 Front Brake Adjustment

Stacks Image 26774 Rear Brake Adjustment

Stacks Image 26775 Front Derailleur Adjustment

Stacks Image 26782 Rear Derailleur Adjustment

Stacks Image 26785 Lube Chain

Stacks Image 26788 Proper Tire Inflation

Stacks Image 26791 Wheel True & Tension

Stacks Image 26794 Hub & Headset Adjustment

Stacks Image 26797New Cables & Housing

Stacks Image 26800Remove and Clean Drive train

Platinum Tune


I commute regularly. I want a clean drive train so I spend less on repair costs.

Stacks Image 26913 Front Brake Adjustment

Stacks Image 26914 Rear Brake Adjustment

Stacks Image 26915 Front Derailleur Adjustment

Stacks Image 26922 Rear Derailleur Adjustment

Stacks Image 26925 Lube Chain

Stacks Image 26928 Proper Tire Inflation

Stacks Image 26931 Wheel True & Tension

Stacks Image 26934 Hub & Headset Adjustment

Stacks Image 26937 New Cables & Housing

Stacks Image 26940 Remove and Clean Drive train