The Copenhagen Wheel: A New Addition to E-Bike Technology

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The world of biking has changed with the introduction and advancement of technologies like pedal assist and e-bikes. Here at The Bicycle Repair Shop, we are experts at ride-enhancing products, and we have been chosen by Super Pedestrian to demo their new Copenhagen Wheel. Bicycle commuters and leisure riders alike can benefit from the unique experience that the Copenhagen Wheel provides.   About the Copenhagen Wheel   The Copenhagen Wheel is a customizable wheel that contains a powerful battery, motor, Read More

Top 3 Bicycle Locking Systems for City Riders

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We’ve all had that moment: you’re walking back to your bicycle after a long day at work, only to find a wheel mysteriously missing! Here at the Bicycle Repair Shop in downtown Seattle, we know how important good bike security can be. In order to get you geared up for this summer’s biking season, we’ve stocked up on the best bicycle locks and security devices on the market. Read below to learn about the products and methods we recommend for Read More